Wie mit wahren Prophetenworten Falschmeldungen gut verpackt werden

und die Sichtung des Hilaal (junger Mond) identitätslos und im Widerspruch zur Sunnah und astronomischer Möglichkeiten, zu einem falschen Beginn des Ramaḍaan von vielen Muslimen regelmäßig führen. Es ist nur selbstverständlich, dass diese Gruppe auch andere Fehlmeinungen produziert.  Das nachfolgende Rundschreiben ist vermutlich der Gruppe "hizbu-t-tahrir" zuzuordnen.



Allah u Akbar.  We have received reports that the new moon of Ramadhan has been sighted in Libya.  Therefore in accordance with the Hadiiths of the Messenger of Allah (saw) fasting will commence on Sunday 26th November.


Muslim reported on the authority of Abdullah Ibnu Omar (R) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) made mention of Ramadhan and with a gesture of his hand said: "The month is thus and thus. (He then withdrew his thumb at the third time indicating 29). He then said: Fast when you see it, and break your fast when you see it, and if the weather is cloudy do calculate it (the months of Shaban and Shawwal) as thirty days." Bukhari reported on the authority of Ibnu Omar (R) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "The month consists of 29 nights, so do not fast till you have sighted it (i.e. the new moon), and if the weather were cloudy, then complete it as thirty days."


As these Hadiith clearly indicate, even a single sighting of the moon is sufficient for the whole Muslim Ummah to begin the fast.  However ramadhan.org will continue to seek and confirm any and all reports of moon sightings all over the world. 


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